When I was a kid, I dreamed of being someone who could draw. I liked seeing beautiful things—anything with a unique form and composition. I enjoyed playing with colors. But at that time, I had no idea what Graphic Design & Illustration were.
I always imagined that my artwork would be everywhere - on TV, posters, and billboards. As time goes by, I've learned that beauty is not something that needs to be huge or perfect-looking. Art is not always about full colors or intricate patterns.
Like human beings, the beauty of art comes from within - within the artist themselves and within the content of the art. Having a sense of history, understanding people, and playing with basic theories of art will make your creation 'big' and make you aware of new ways to look at things.

I am a graphic designer, art director & illustrator currently based in Batu Pahat, Johor.
I obtained my Diploma in Graphic Design & Digital Media from UiTM Sri Iskandar and Bachelor Degree (major in Illustration and minor in Fine Art) from UiTM Shah Alam respectively. After I graduated, I worked in Kuala Lumpur for one year before I decided to work as a freelancer in my homeland in Batu Pahat back in 2014.
My artwork mainly consists of digital illustrations and graphics for logo design, corporate identity, advertising, books, posters, and packaging design. In addition to producing artwork, I also provide editorial work and art direction for books by local writers and art exhibitions.
I enjoy capturing almost anything through sketching, as it translates words and emotions into visuals. It satisfies me to visualize what people love to see through my passion. My sketchbook is my best friend and tutor, as I find sketching to be the best way to generate ideas and improve my drawing skills.

For any commission or collaboration contact me by email luaskarya@gmail.com or fill in the inquire form.

Selected Clients
Puteh Press
PTS Media Group
Think City
Iskandar Malaysia
Parhelia Games
Fearless Motivation
Clean Hero
Farbeat Technology
Hard Rock Hotel
Disney Malaysia
Toppen Shopping Centre
Trove Hotel
Panasonic Malaysia
Majlis Daerah Mersing
Kluang RailCoffee

Catatan Matluthfi by Matluthfi, Cerita Hati by Hafiz hamidun, Garis by Johor Sketchers.

Judge | Children’s Day Coloring Competition | The Summit Batu Pahat | 2022
Panelist | Bernama TV Live Program the Nation 14 States, 14 Stories: Johor | 2021
Panelist | Program Perkongsian Ilmu Penghasilan Buku Meja Kopi UTM Johor Bahru | 2021
Curator & Art Director | Alir Cahaya, The Light Project Grant (Public Installation & Outreach Programmes) by Cendana & Think City | Batu Pahat, Johor | 2021-2022
Judge | Panasonic Digital Drawing Competition | 2020
Curator | Perantara Exhibition | Ambeng Artspace, Johor Bahru | 2019
Speaker | ML Studio| Belajar Seni Tiada Masa Depan?| 2019
Artist | Mural at Wizards of Warna Walk Disney Malaysia Drama Set | Pinewood Studios (Iskandar Malaysia) | 2019
Residency Artist | Public Art Residency Programme by IRDA x THINK CITY x BCCF | Bandung & Johor Bahru | 2017
Featured in
PTS | VARIASI: Pereka Grafik Ini Hasilkan Grafik Humor dari Nama-nama Kuih Melayu | 2019
Peggy Loh My Johor Stories | Two Books by the Johor Sketchers | 2018
ISKARNIVAL 2016 | Sama Sama Magazine | 2016
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