I specialize in creating brand identities for both new and established companies. My primary focus is on assisting small to large-sized businesses, whether they are newly established or have been in the industry for over a decade.
My target clients are companies experiencing steady growth but working with outdated visual identities where they are in need fresh design that not only propels them to the next level but also unifies all departments through cohesive visuals.
The goal of my company is to enhance clients' profitability by providing design solutions. This involves crafting brand identities with unique art direction that aligns with the individual stories owned by each client.
Clients will fall into three distinct groups: small-sized companies (typically 15 employees and below), medium-sized companies (15-50 employees), and large-sized companies (50+ employees). Each category will benefit from my personalized approach to design, ensuring that their visual identities reflect their unique narratives.
Brand Identity
Logo design, letterhead, envelope and corporate design for company, small business and personal. The brand identity also comes with mascot/ character, packaging, pattern and any elements depends on the needs.Every company has a different and special story behind their names, stay true to it and let it be expressed through a memorable visual!
Marketing Material
To connect with the targets, there must be something that can engage and grab their attention, and it is — marketing (even though I hate it- introvert mmeh mmeh mmeh).
Every business has a different goal and strategy. Have your own brand plan and know how different you are from others, as each business will come out with different marketing materials. Social media, merchandise, brochures, catalogues are some of the examples of marketing material.
Illustration enables you to reach audiences in a way that photography often can't. I produce illustration for poster, art wall, portraits, collaborations, commissions, businesses, stories, charts, infographic, objects, maps, documentation, way findings, and more.
The Process
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